Sunday, January 22, 2017

Costacos Brothers Vintage Sports Posters

Recently, I found an amazing, door size Michael Jordan poster at an estate sale. It's in fantastic condition for being nearly 30 years old. I tossed around the idea of keeping it, but ultimately decided to sell it

As usual, I did a little research on it to insure that I price it accordingly. In doing so, I learned a lot about a couple of brothers who created an incredible business featuring famous sports figures of the late 80s and early 90s. Those brothers were the Costaco brothers. 

In Seattle, in the mid 80s, two brothers created a poster empire. They stood out by posing athletes in unorthodox scenes often times playing off their famous nick names. Like this one of Karl "The Mailman" Malone.

Instead of posters of athletes dunking or catching a football in an end zone, they played off of current pop culture and posed them as dynamic duos like Miami Vice, or in this case, "Chicago Vice."

Their poster company was a huge success. The following are a few more examples of some of the work they did that made them famous.

Recently, the brothers have come out of retirement with this new poster of Russell Wilson.

Watch the video below to learn more.

or visit their website

To see the Costacos brothers poster of Michael Jordan that is for sale in the shop, click the link below.