Monday, January 20, 2014

This Old House - Sterling, IL

Even though I live in the desert and am happy that I don't have to drive on ice in the winter, I still long to move somewhere that has all four seasons. Illinois is my first pick since that is where I grew up and where most of my family still lives.
There are some gorgeous homes in Illinois. There you don't often find cookie cutter neighborhoods where every house looks exactly the same like you do here. And there are some very old homes there as well. I've looked around the Phoenix area for old homes and have trouble finding anything made earlier than 1950 and even the 50's houses are few and far between.
Recently I came across a house in Illinois, that I would move to in a heart beat. Even if it has ghosts, I would move there today. It is almost 100 years old, having been built in 1920. It is a little bit more rural than I would like, but I feel like if I lived here, I would never want to leave anyway. If I did need to get my big city fix, Chicago is about 2 hours away, so...

I mean, look at this beauty! It's stunning!

I can see myself saying, "Bring the car around" on rainy days.

I can't wait to have a porch again one day. Porches are almost non existent here.

Often, in older homes, there could be terrible wall paper, even layers upon layers of it. However, I actually love the wall paper in this house. If I moved here, I would probably keep most of it on the walls as long as it's all still in good shape. You'll see some pretty examples on the next few pictures.

I love the bold look of these flowers. The only thing I would change here is update that light fixture and remove the carpet from the stairs. 

I'm not always a fan of murals in homes, but there is something about this one that I love. Maybe it's the monotone and neutral colors or the magical look of the forest. I don't know, but I like it. 

Pink is not my favorite color, but that swirly paper is pretty sweet. The pink carpet may be overkill and it looks like it might be in bad shape. I picture it with a high contrast black trim and a hardwood floor. 

I love the colors in this one. 

And an enclosed porch with windows on every side. I like how the previous owners had beds in here. It's such a great idea. I can imagine sleeping out here on a summer night with all the windows open. Sounds like heaven to me. Also, the first floor has an identical porch. Perfect!

And the whole thing sits right in front of the Rock River. Fishing, anyone?

This house is so dreamy. Although, it probably needs a lot of updating due to it's age, the bones and layout of the house are near perfection. I would love to live here. And even though I want to buy it for myself, I will still share the listing anyway and hope that some like minded individual will one day call it home.

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