Monday, December 16, 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

This year my family started the tradition of making a themed Christmas tree every year. This is year one and because we didn't do very much decorating for Halloween we decided to make our first tree a...

Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

click "read more" link to see how it turned out...

by day

by night... I still think it needs a black ribbon wrapped around it.

I've never seen black ornaments at the store, so I spray painted some that I had.

The kids and I drew Jack's face on some of our white ornaments.

We drew silhouettes of some of the characters on black posterboard and cut them out for ornaments.

I borrowed some of our Halloween decorations for the tree.

I made the Jack Skellington tree topper with a plastic pumpkin for trick or treating. I spray painted it white and drew the face with black paint marker then added a Santa hat.

I think it turned out pretty awesome. The bonus is, I didn't have to spend any money on new decorations, since we made our own.


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