Monday, December 16, 2013

Mini Trees for the Mini Me's - DIY

With the leftover branches I had after making our half Christmas tree, I was able to make two mini trees for my mini me and my husband's mini him. They each got to decorate their own trees however they wanted and proudly displayed them in their rooms.

All I did was take two branches and zip tied them together. I used three zip ties on each one; one each for the top, middle and bottom. I happened to have two baskets for the stands. I stood the tree in each one and wrapped old sheets and fabric around the base to secure them in place. Then I fluffed out the little branches.

Here is how they turned out.


We used a lot of costume jewelry and pins to decorate this one. It turned out really pretty.


This one was decorated with Ninja Turtles and other toys. Fun idea.

And there you have it. A simple and free project to do for the holidays. 
The kids love their trees and they make great night lights for their rooms.

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