Friday, November 28, 2014

Plaid Pendleton Skirt - 2 Ways

I've always been frugal when it comes to clothes shopping. I grew up that way. We had to be able to stretch a dollar to make it week to week. I rarely buy anything full price and buy a lot of off season stuff that is marked way down. Of course, my main clothing supply comes from thrift stores and yard sales. That is where I always get the best deals and find the best stuff. My wardrobe is built on thrift store finds and it's pretty damn stylish, if I do say so myself. One of the best ways that I've learned to get the most from my wardrobe is to make each piece work in several different ways.

There are the basic wardrobe staples that are perfect for this. For example you can make a pair of jeans look casual or super fancy. The black pencil skirt (that should be in every woman's closet) goes with anything. Beyond the basic wardrobe essentials, I try to make each piece work in several different ways. Basically, I will style a plaid western shirt in as many different ways as I can. So, I've been working on incorporating more of that in my etsy listings and I thought, "why not do a blog post series about it too?" 

The weather has been just right for finally getting out the plaid flannels and sweaters. It's my favorite time of year in Arizona.

 The Plaid Pendleton Skirt
Two Ways

Sporty and casual or ready for a night on the town,

I break a lot of pieces up this way. It's an easy way to change up the style. Start with something a little bit dressy and add some Chucks or a hoodie. It's also a great way to be comfortable and still look a little bit fancy.

This skirt is available in the etsy shop.

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